Reading 10

Name Book: Cheese-Rolling

Page: 3-19

Author of the Book: Rob Waring


In England, many towns have traditional competitions. In them competitor usually try to win a game or contest, however, the annual cheese rolling race in Brack worth. At the start the competitors come together at the top of a hill names (coopers Hill) the slope of the hill is very steep. After that, they wait for someone to push a very large wheel of cheese down the hill, and then they run very quickly after it. The person who reaches the bottom of the hill is the winner in this game is craing brown. The most important things to be the winner in this game is just to continue running and running and get your balance back. This can be happen an accident at race, there are also more injuries when there hasn’t been much rain before the race, but the hard ground doesn’t seem to stop the competition route to protect spectators at the races

——————————————- In my opinion ……………………

I don’t like this game it’s not safety and may just be crazy, but I enjoy it this story, I learn anew traditional in England. I will tell you the most craziest game is Bed Racing becoming more popular in certain areas of the US >>isn’t crazy after all<<>……..:D


bruise: dark purple or black marks on the skin from an injury

slope: the amount of difference between a high area and a lower area

pub: place where drinks and food are served

fame: being known for ones achievements or skills

crash barrier: short wall along a competition route to protect spectators

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Reading 9

Name Book: Water sports Adventure

Page: 4-19

Author of the Book: Rab Waring

The Columbia River gorge one of the best places in the world to kite board and skiing. These sports depend by boat and sometime wind power. Cory Roeseler was one of the first people experience those sports. Now, Roeseler is design his newest invention for playing with the wind, its kind of water boarding boat that has a sail on the back. Now a day, people have started using towers for wake boarding it allows people to place the wake boarding rope higher because its give more lift to the wake boarder, and make it easier to jump on the air.

##In my opinion##

What I interested about this story also was easy  to understate it   

, its more exciting to know about water skiing .

Most of people say that “its hard work but fun” and about Roeseler, he is feel great what he do in his life?!

and I wash to try it some day! 🙂


freaky: Terrible

roll: something made into the shape of a tube by winding it around itself

tip over: to fall or turn over

overcome gravity: to control things falling from ground when you drop them

gorge: narrow valley with steep sides and a stream or river running through it

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Reading 8

Name Book: Light and lasers

Name of the text: the short and the long

Page: 18-19

Author of the Book: ROBIN KERROD


One of the most importing five senses is Amazing eyes. Most people have the short and  the long sight For example the people who are short sighted that mean they have a longer eyeball than normal  can see on close not far objects but long sighted is reverse than short sighted , if people have problem on eyesight they should wear glasses and contact lenses if u try avoid this problem now it will effect in the future. The eyes can fooling by looking a strange thing for example when is a very hot day and u want to go trip in this day by driving car then  u can see water on this road also there are many thing can trick by eyes

{}{}}In my opinion{{}}{}

I really like reading this book and also give me wake up warning to protect my eyes also Says thanks God who gives in Amazing senses.

This Book is giving me useful information that eyes are have fooling  by seeing thing strange and It was easy  to understate the text.


eyeball: the whole of the  eyes

Retina:  is the part of the back of the eyes that is can sensitive to light of thing

fooling: to trick sth

blurred: to become unclear

rays: the line of light


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Reading 7

Name Book: Homes in the sea**from the shore to the Deep

Name of the text: sea Horse


Author of the Book: jean H. Sibbald



I most tiny creatures and beautiful I like in the sea world are Sea Horse. Now I find a little information about Sea Horse For example, what kind is it, look like and how they keep in safe from a big fishes and how they can float?. Sea Horse is kind a fish, they look like a hours in  the head but in the back round tail and also have a very thin body also have amazing eyes that can circle in a different direction.

they hid in a seaweed home to keep in safe from others big fish.  they float slowly by tiny fan and Move in to upright position.

{}{}}In my opinion{{}}{}


I enjoy reading this book and also give me new information about sea horses. 

This Book is giving me useful information that sea horses are a weak fish and they hidden in a safely place from others big fish and It was not too difficult to understate the text.




rotate: turn in circle round a central point

upright: standing vertically

rapidly: moving very quickly

curls: round shapes

bony: very thin


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Reading 6

Name Book: Rainforest

Name of the text: Jeepers Creepers

Page: 12

Author of the Book: Elinor Greenwood  


I like to find a strange thing that I ever know about it before. There are many plants and flowers that have special shape, color and how they feed. there is some plants and flowers I have interesting about it, for example creeper is a plants that hang on trees or walls or grow up along in the ground ,also A deadly trap that looks like a pitcher shape and inside it has a fluid that plant absorbs nutrients from dead insects bodies . About flowers, for example orchids have an unusual shape and bright color and a sting giant that have a stinking smell.   

-_-In my opinion-_-


I enjoy reading this book and also show me strange plants and flowers in rainforest

This Book is giving me useful information and It was not all difficult to understate the text.



delicate: fine or thin

exotic: strange

absorb: to talk in and hold sth

branch: one of the main parts of a tree that grows from it trunk

perch: where the flowers grow



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Writing 3

Working Mothers

  I disagree when mothers who are working because they  should be responsible for families duty and to take care for their children also for the relationship couple mothers should  consider  her family  first Priority that it a unite grow for society.

All mothers have deep believe that the value of family is the main basic for happiness and settle. the wife’s should support there Husbands and to take care of them no mater what it is, for example the man who go to his job in the morning in tell afternoon he look tired and angry when he come back to his home but the wife always Waite for hem and prepare all he need to be comfortable, the man look so happy went he see his wife like this. I think that woman who work and take it too serious, don’t take care to her families has more effected divorce than woman who don’t work. The most effected, if the mother not around the children. The main job for mother is to teach the children a good behavior from other people and other thing. The mother  who work  she will rely the House servant to talk care of  her children ,I found a true story that talking about  mother went to her jab but her baby around 2 years old ,he was fallow her but she left , the baby didn’t stop crying and then the House servant didn’t take it any more she  hold the knife and kill hem with out pity.


 Finally I found that, the mothers’ happiness is to have a family s and a good relationship with there Husbands. I advice to all mother if they want to work they should balance there job and there family, they shouldn’t always rely on House servant if they don’t trust them well.



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Sequencing words

I always read my recipe in order to cook well

I will begin to boil rice then prepare the salad.

 When I prepare the stuff for cooking, I put water  in the cooking pot  to boil

 Second i wash the rice by water.

 After that I will put rice in to cooking pot until it boil very well.

The rice is take time to finish  so that  I will cut the salad.

Next, I will mix the salad with cheese, lemon and little salt .

I but salad in refrigerator So as to be a little bit cold .

The last thing i put rice and salad in dish and then I will give to my young brothers.


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Reading 5

Name Book: Butterflies

Name of the text: North American Species—Painted lady Vanessa cardui


 Author of the Book: GLORIA G. SCHLAEPFER


I like to search new information about butterflies .  I find out that there are so  many  kind of butterflies in north America. the most butterflies I love are lady Vanessa cadui. they have a bright color with white spots on her wingtips and also have four eyes spots on under of hind wings. they don’t live in a cold weathers but the natural home they live should be sunny flowered in spring. they do processing to built there generation by migrate from places to  another places and also for search new food plants. 

……..In my opinion………….


I really love this book and also give me more information about butterflies  that I don’t know they rename them for each special butterflies.  It was not too difficult to understated the text by the way I really enjoy it.




habitat: the natural home of an animals

distribution: the act of giving sth or don’t sth by giving

occur ;to happen sth

thistle: is a plant has sharp points

colonize: to take control of place




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Reading 4

Name Book: Question and Answer Book

Name of the text: Who made the first tools?

Page: 46-47

Author of the Book: Jonhn Farndon


This book is talking about Question and Answer Book. . I really enjoy to find a new information about the ancient of tools and I have Question  in my mined but now I find it in this book. The first about  the chisel,  is used to change wood structures completely. the second about axe,  they learn to make sharpened and straighten axe from rim of stone and is useful to cut tools and many things.  the third about knives, they made knives from sharpened the steel and made handle from bone. Finally about fire,  people start using model of a bow drill and wooden hearth that where drill  with dry grass  are used to make fire on it.



{}{}}In my opinion{{}}{}


I really like this book and also shows me  a ancient of tools . This Book is give me useful information and  It was not all difficult  to  understated the text. If I go with my family camping,I really want to try this tool to make fire,




Bow(n): is a tool that is used for making holes in things

Hearth(n): the floor  wood of  a fireplaces

Edge(n): rim , border

Revolutionize(v): to change completely

Handy(adj): easy to use, useful

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Writing 1

Favorite Activity for Student

        in level 4&3


The two charts shows Favorite Activity for Students. The first pie chart give us a  percentage for students in level 4. The height percentage is reading, its take 40% off and the lowest percentage is gym, its take 10% off . The main reason they consider reading is favorite activity because its grows the brain by more benefit and useful knowledge than wacthing moves. They don’t need go  to gym because they walking around the college with their friends and they take account of exercise. The second pie chart display us a  percentage for students in level 3.  As i can see Watching moves is the largest  percentage, its about 50%  and the lowest percentage are drawing and gym, it are about 10%  . They prefer to watch moves than reading becouse it’s easy and quickly to understand the moves ,in the same time enjoy it. they like to go gym with their friend, and also consider it a special place for them.

The percentage between two levels are different ,but not the  same reason.




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